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  • Employer Nationality EU CitizenNorway
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  • Location Type VillaSingle HouseConnected HouseSmall Farm
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  • About Host Family Single Father
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Company Description

We are offering free accommodation to help out Ukraine coming to Norway as refugees. This description is in general made for work as an Au Pair or a Housekeeper. If the situation i critical for someone who is looking for private hosting we will of course discuss this open minded and honestly.

We are looking for an Au Pair or a Housekeeper. I am a single father primary looking for someone already living in Norway or inside Europe. We live in the city Jessheim, Norway, 30 minutes outside Oslo. 10 minutes from the Int. Airport Oslo Gardermoen. We would like to find someone who like activities and travelling. Our main hobbies is skiing wintertime and golf in the summer season.

Our family of course following international rules and operate according to the law and the standard regulation for an Au Pair. But most important – we want our Au Pair or Housekeeper to be a family member, Kevin’s best friend and his «Big Sister».

The primary goals for an Au Pair is of course culture exchange, but we also need someone who can do normal light household chores, according to Au Pair rules and a standard Au Pair work contract. Max 5-6 working days per week, max 5 hours per day and totally max 25-30 hours per week. Candidates from Europe/EU are allowed to have extra working hours and will receive extra payment. We will of course pay extra for language school and language lessons according to the aupair rules if we are ending up with an Au Pair.

If we find the «Brilliant Match» and the right person, there is also some extra work opportunities as an assistent/secretary in one of our family companies connected to TV Production.