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Just what are the criteria for ICO listings?

Why should you use CoinTracker. CoinTracker.io has got the best, most transparent staff members within the crypto space: with a great deal of history, together with a proven track record of providing clients with stellar services and support. We know that potential customers need to have reliable resources from what getting up and running, and which will provide guidance as they carry on and increase. We’ve found an abundance of scam sites, and we’re committed to using the effort and hard work to make a platform that can help folks force money, not take it.

When using CoinTracker.io to find and purchase coins, we guarantee your transactions stay secure making use of our cutting edge, patented multi layered escrow system. The Procedure for ICO Listings. researching and Selecting ICO Platforms. Before initiating the listing procedure, it’s crucial to explore and identify the foremost suitable ICO platforms for your task. Things to consider include the platform’s track record, user base, listing fees, and any specific requirements they could have.

Does CoinTracker.io accept credit/debit card payments? Indeed, credit is taken by us and debit card payments. You can easily and quickly mix in a new payment option with the Visa of yours, Mastercard or maybe another form of payment the same as the exchange and wallet services you’re already acquainted with on the dashboard.io instantly verifies all transactions that happen to be through using these currencies. If we decide that a transaction is suspicious, we’ll instantly close the transaction and notify you via email or mobile.

Your finances are protected with us and you will often receive a completed verification for each payment completed in the program of ours. Exactly what are the different methods to list a token? Listing on TokenMarket is a free program. If you decide to list your token, you are going to receive all the advertising professional services we are able to provide, at the same time as: Trading fee discounts (paid monthly). Marketing of your respective token on our social media channels and on the TokenMarket site.

TokenMarket listings are presently not ranked. Listings on the ICOBench, CoinMarketCap and Investing.com are positioned according to market cap in addition to number of reviews, which makes them pretty helpful. If you wish to join any of these ranking schemes, your listing has to be on TokenMarket first. In this instance, you are going to get exclusive promotional offers. Easy purchase alternatives like fiat wallets from Coinbase and Changelly, fiat gateways and credit/debit cards from Visa, Mastercard or Bank Transfer.

Most of our services have immediate verification that protects the funds of yours. Once an order is placed, CoinTracker.io is capable of checking out the wallet address you specified within the order and verifies that the funds had been transferred into the proper wallet that you specified. This verifies that the money are in escrow and also cannot be transferred to everyone else. Absolutely no person can’ double-spend’ the funds of yours because CoinTracker.io has a locking procedure that generates a distinctive electronic signature that we need to cross-verify to uncover the funds.

It is really easy for coininfinity.io us to keep the user’s money in escrow until they place their buy order and release the funds. This will shield you from scammers and also make sure the correct money end up in the right hands. As a way to do so, we are going to create a database that will store all of the info provided by each task. The database will then allow us to assess the risk related to a project as well as its potential to be successful.